4 Key Areas to Improve Your Social Media Branding

Social media is at its pick and proving itself one of the most powerful tools to market and establish your brand and stand out from the crowd. It forms a natural but consistent way to nurture your brand and plays an important role out of your overall marketing strategies on the best social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter and YouTube.

It will help you build your brand in an optimal way if done correctly and help you connecting your target market and target customers. Social media branding is all about consistency and using right methods to engage with your customers and target market in social media platforms. The aim or purpose maximum resolves through social media is “Brand Awareness”.

By using the power of social media branding, you can build a huge and industry specific network of fans to follow your brand. You not only can get the loyal fans, but you can also convert the fan following to quality sales.

In a research report by “Social Fresh”, it is found that the major goal of the brands with social media is “Brand Awareness” which applies equally to both personal brands as well as business houses. It clarifies that social media branding is the priority for most brands.

Social Fresh research shows that 76% among all brand use social media for Brand Awareness. 47% use it for lead generation and 28% for sales.

Branding is an important aspect for any brand or business that intended for long term business along with customer awareness and loyalty. It’s about defining what you stand for and the same time attracting people who are likely to be your customer.

In the initial branding stages, every single prospect is important. It is why a positive relationship to be started with you or your brand with a positive reason. Social media branding makes it easy for you to attract relevant people in your niche or related to your industry. When you get the branding right, rest of the sales process becomes easy as following steps.

Starting from brand awareness to customer retention, not only you can have results but measurable results. It results better business and stronger customer relationship.

Journey of Social Media Branding:

Major Areas to be focused to improve your Social Media Branding:

1. Build Proper Identity: Success of business with social media branding starts from knowing your business and let your audience know about your business. What defines your brand identity, what products/services you are intended to provide and how your followers are going to be benefited from you or your organisation? Clearer you are about your identity, it will be easier for you to ventilate the proper message to your audience.

2. Know your Audience: Audience are the back bone of social media. Knowing your customers and identifying the targeted customer is much more important. It will help taking appropriate approach with your marketing strategy and appropriate contents.

If you want to help your customers, you have to get into their situation and feel their problems. When you will be able to solve their problems, they will retain with you and there are maximum chances they can be converted to a buying customer. Study show that the maximum user of social media are between 18–30 age group.

3. Make Proper Content Strategy: Sharing the contents in social media shapes your brand. So the right type of contents you are sharing is very much crucial as the contents can make or break your brand value. So sharing the appropriate content in each social media network should not be neglected as the type of content varies from each platform.

Again type of contents to be created depends upon your industry type and the evolution of content strategy according to the time. E.g. the power of video marketing cannot be ignored in 2021–22 as it has the potentiality to drive more audiences and the micro or short video is expected to attract 80% more audiences in 2022.

As statistics shows that it takes only two seconds to capture the attention of potential buyers, you should have create a hook within the first 5 seconds and create better and strong video content to engage more customers.

4. Understand your Design: Before understanding your design, you have to understand the science, facts and statistics behind the design.

a. 70% of our sensory receptors are in our eyes.

b. 50% of our brain is active on Visual Processing.

c. 90% of the info transmitted to the brain are visual info.

Research shows that human brain processes visual contents 60,000 times faster than normal text. So visual elements like colour palettes, typography and icons or logos play a crucial role in your brand image building in which way people or your followers perceive your brand. That’s why shaping your brand design in making a proper digital marketing or social media marketing strategy can’t be ignored.

A brand is for lifetime that constantly evolves. There are no fixed rule-sets to build a personal brand. But these general guidelines help building the brand if you are starting a new brand or rebranding your existing one. Building a personal brand not only help you be known in your field, but it could be ended with generating leads and sells.

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Digital Transformation Coach based in India. Is a Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur & a Social Activist. Founder of #MyDigitalGurukul

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Asutosh Jena

Asutosh Jena

Digital Transformation Coach based in India. Is a Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur & a Social Activist. Founder of #MyDigitalGurukul

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