Social media is at its peak now a days which has been evolving since years.

Earlier social media was used to build a social presence and was just a sharing platform while today its helping people and businesses creating brand image for business growth in terms of increasing traffic, lead generation and convert into sales.

It’s about taking multiple approaches of brand building that truly cares about the customers and adds value to them.

As more and more marketers realize the importance of social media for branding their businesses and implementing the same, it is becoming crowded day by day which makes it harder for brands to stand out in the crowd. It’s not enough to have a good product/service or have a good unique selling point.

And most important fact is that, you can’t ignore the social media in the current scenario to position yourself and your business in this digital era.

You have to have a complete social media branding plan to get the best result with least risk. In viewing of the current branding requirement, a lot of digital marketing agencies are erupting in the market.

The strategies differ from agency to agency and time to time. So it’s better to make your own strategy as per your own requirement.

Whether it’s Facebook or Instagram or Google or LinkedIn, you will have to choose the right platform and need to take the right steps to position your brand in a unique place.

Let’s look at some effective social media branding strategies that can shoot your brand to the right direction that you want to be.

If you are worried about it, just stay calm. The steps I’m going to reveal are simple but need consistent effort to get the best out of it.

Strategy #1: Choose the Most Appropriate Social Media Platform

The type of social media platform decides the success or failure of your strategies.

Because every social media platform has its own users and the users are there in the particular platform to see certain kind of contents.

You want your social media progress to be proportionate with the efforts you are making and that’s obvious. But attempting each and every network and spending time and effort in all the networks will end up with confusing self and becoming harassed.

Being active on the wrong network will drain your energy, time and money with poor result.

If you are looking for SEO, google is the first and only option in India while it comes to social media marketing, it is quite different.

There are several social media platforms are in the market to be tested and know about. In order to choose the right platform, you should know each of the leading networks and test them out.

It is important to know what do you want to achieve out of the social media platforms and how do you want your preferred social media network work for you.

For example, if you are a B2B business, LinkedIn is the preferred network as it has the maximum business profiles actively used.

If you are a B2C or C2C, then Facebook and Pinterest may be choice of network.

If you are a public figure and you want your fan base to be engaged with you, then Twitter and Instagram are the choice.

When you understand all the social media platforms, their algorithms and followers, it will be easy for you to choose the right network.

Strategy #2: Be Consistent with your Message

Brand building over social media is not complicated. Usually, we make it complicated with our fewer knowledge base.

In fact, it becomes easier when you understand the importance of crafting the right kind of messages consistently.

Your brand becomes more visible and more involved with your targeted audiences when you regularly use the contents that matches your business or brand value.

The people in social media always identifies the patterns and the themes you are engaging them with. The longer you do it, the better is the result.

It doesn’t matter which social media platform you are using. Every channel has its unique audiences related to your industry, but being consistent is the key to pick the right set of audiences.

It also doesn’t matter at which stage your brand is on social media. Yu just need to be consistent in developing and posting your contents.

In the beginning, you have to try different kind of contents and different formats, mentions and hastags to test what works for you. When your messages are consistent over a period of time, it becomes easier to win the trust and build a good rapport with your target audiences.

In the process of trial and error, you have to understand the demand of your audience which is more important than how good contents you can create.

Usually, it takes some time to understand the demand of the audience. But once you recognise what works for you, it becomes easier to be consistent.

Strategy #3: Post as Frequently as Possible.

While maintaining the consistency over the social media is important, it is also crucial to create and post good engaging contents regularly.

How often people are interacting with you is directly proportional to how people are connecting with your brand.

Creating an account in right social media platform and making it look professional is the first step you need to accomplish. The later part is to getting some noise out there with your brand.

As a business, leaving a good first impression is your aim and it will build a strong and long term relationship with your audiences.

In order to stand out in the crowd and keep yourself remain in front of your audiences, you need to post valuable contents frequently.

By posting regular, informative contents, you manage to stay updated in front of your social media audiences.

The most practical way to manage this is to maintain a content calendar. By this you won’t lose track of your social media postings.

In order to make sure that you have an effective content strategy is to ensure that you are publishing engaging contents frequently and the contents should be the combination of valuable as well as entertaining categories.

The most practical way to do this is to manage an organised content calendar. With a content calendar, you can schedule your posts in advance. This way you will have control on your contents and you will have a birds view on the messages you are sending to your customers and how those are working.

You can always use a social media management tool like publer for scheduling and planning your contents. The detail regarding the tool will be discussed in a separate article.

It is to be kept in mind that a balance between value based content and promotional content is necessary which will be resulting increasing of followers.

Strategy #4: Find your Brand Voice

Every brand has its unique reflection which differentiates it from others. This unique personality of the brand helps connecting with its target audiences. If the personality is not reflected in the social media contents, it is very difficult to engage the audiences with the brand.

Developing a unique voice is not so easy and can’t be happen over-night. It takes time to build a brand identity though it’s unique voice. But once a unique voice is created, it will easier to create appropriate content and you can enjoy managing it through a social media calendar.

How to Develop Your Social Media Brand Voice?

There are two major areas to be keep in mind when developing a brand voice over social media.

  1. Avoid Templates: creating posts like text, image & video in a similar format compels the audience to feel that you are lazy. While creating and using templates for your social media is easy, but can be noticed by your audiences too. So you have to make your audiences feel that you are innovative. Even try to avoid posting duplicate contents and same promotion repeatedly.
  2. Appropriate Combination: don’t include such contents which cream your brand. In order to make sure you have a successful social media presence, you have to make sure that your content contains consistent branding. Don’t over-do it or ignore it. Brand logo, brand colours, brand image, tagline and brand voice to be included in each post.

Strategy #5: optimize Your Profile Bio

If you are a business person and using your social media profiles as a business tool, you shouldn’t appear on social media like an average user.

Yes, why I’m telling this? Because your social media profiles hold a lot more importance as they bear a major role to put your business’s message to your audiences and customers. It gives you an opportunity to pitch your social media audiences who hold interest in your services or your industry.

If you want your social media channels pay you, then never ignore the bio section of your profile. The details of each components of the bio section will be discussed in a separate article. Stay tuned with our blog section to learn more.

Your business may offer the best products or services and deliver good value to your customers, but it’s worthless being on social media if you can’t showcase your values. Don’t let your customers back clueless about your existence, who you are and what you are good at.

Many brands do the silly mistake of putting irrelevant information in their profiles. The information which misleads and confuses the visitors should not be added to the profile. If you are not clear, what to put in profile bio, you can learn it and leave the sections blank, instead of putting irrelevant information.

Many businesses add random motivational quotes and memes instead of showcasing their products or services which misleads the visitirs.

You can also choose to showcase the benefits and offerings your company does in the description section.

Make sure to optimize the content of your profile with relevant keywords and don’t forget to add a contact button or call to action button to help people find you and communicate you easily.

You might heard the quote “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, but the fact is that the book is being judged first from it’s cover and the profile section of your social media page is the cover of your profile.


It doesn’t matter what business you are in, the fundamentals of brand works similarly. You should know that people are more interested and relying on your brand personality than your products or services.

When someone regularly buys product from flipkart or amazon, in fact they are buying the brand called flipkart or amazon first and then the product. Because the same product may be available and featured in many ecommerce sites, but buyers prefer some particular market places.

Many crickets may hit centuries, but viewers like to see some particular players in the ground.

That’s called Brand and you should remember that branding is not an over-night game.

If you are a professional or a freelancer or a business and you need to build your brand, you can Join our community FREE or our Telegram group.

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Digital Transformation Coach based in India. Is a Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur & a Social Activist. Founder of #MyDigitalGurukul

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Asutosh Jena

Asutosh Jena

Digital Transformation Coach based in India. Is a Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur & a Social Activist. Founder of #MyDigitalGurukul

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