Golden Rules of Personal Branding

It is the conscious and intentional effort to create a perception about an individual as a leader in the industry to make the individual stand out in the industry crowd by elevating their credibility and differentiating them from competition. …

I hope, you are not expecting the meaning of “Brand” here.

A “Brand” may be a name, a style, an image, a design or a symbol that represents a product or service or a person or a company that is distinct from another person or service or company.

Let me…

Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash

Parenting is not an overnight game. It’s a continuous process starting right form the conception to his/her adulthood. It is the process of nurturing and supporting their physical, emotional, social, economical, intellectual and cognitive development. Parenting does not refer to biological relationship only. Though the most common care takers in…

Asutosh Jena

Digital Transformation Coach based in India. Is a Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur & a Social Activist. Founder of #MyDigitalGurukul

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