Power of Branding.

I hope, you are not expecting the meaning of “Brand” here.

A “Brand” may be a name, a style, an image, a design or a symbol that represents a product or service or a person or a company that is distinct from another person or service or company.

Let me show you some examples:

What do you think about the word “TATA”? For someone it may be a Surname, for some it may be a place and for many people it may be a “Brand” representing a leading multi-national company. Again there are multiple verticals representing through the brand, like Tata Motors, Tata consumers, Tata Tele Services, Tata Consulting Services, Tata Power, Tata Ariana, Tata Tiscon and so many.

Same applies when we say “Tendulkar”, “Amitav”, “Reliance Industries”, “Big Bazar”, “Siddharth Rajsekar”, “Samsung”, “Apple”, “Bajaj” and so many. You know, there are so many persons having surname of Tendulkar or Ambani, but Tendulkar signifies the great cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and Ambani signifies the great businessman Mukesh Ambani. Many people don’t know Kishore Biyani, the person behind the India’s most popular retail market, while “Big Bazar” is a popular name among the people which is a brand.

Ruchi is a very popular spice brand in India and there are also so many spice brands in the market. Every day, every year, many new companies trying their luck in the market among which many companies are not even establishing their brand in local markets. But recently Tata group has launched their spices brand and almost all know “Tata Sampann”. That’s the power of a brand.

A product or the quality of the product can be copied easily by some other smart companies or persons, but the brand can’t be copied. It can only be created and established. Because a brand is always be unique. Let’s talk about Coca-cola and Pepsi. Both looks and tastes almost same, but people have their own choice and they rely upon their favourite brand.

Let’s talk about the water. Water is a free resource for mankind as well as all the creatures in this world since the evolvement of creatures. But a lot of companies are packing and selling water in different brands and different type of packages and we are consuming it based on the brand trust. Here the word “Branding” comes.

Branding is nothing but endorsing and selling goods or products or services with the power of a brand.

Now a days branding is an essential tool for everyone with the rising trend of competition. Let’s go a little deeper.

Why Branding?

Branding gives a meaning or identity to a specific product or service or a specific person or company or organisation. It’s just a strategy given by a company or organisation to help people to quickly identify and experience their brand to choose their products in the crowd competition. You can name it as “The Surface Identity” also. After consuming the product or service when a customer realises the value of the product, another identity is being created which is known as the “Core Identity” and that strengthens the brand.

Photo by Paul Volkmer on Unsplash

Who needs a Branding?

The biggest question of the article.

Everyone who needs to sell their product or service or knowledge, they need to be Branding themselves or their products. It may be a:

1. A company who manufactures and sells products.

2. A company who sells services.

3. A professional like Doctor, Lawer, CA, CS ets.

4. Coaches, Consultants and Trainers.

5. Teachers.

6. Freelancers

7. New companies to build their brand and maintain it.

8. Existing companies and professionals to maintain themselves to standout in the crowd.

Why I’m writing this?

Let me introduce myself:

My name is Asutosh Jena, a Digital Transformation Coach, teaches the individuals, companies and professionals to build and monetise their brand over the time.

Remember: If you build a Brand carefully and passionately. The Brand will build you generously.

If you want to know more about “Branding”, why it is necessary and what to do in order to build a brand, join our FREE newsletter here.

You can also join our Telegram group here.

Looking forward to your Big Branding.




Digital Transformation Coach based in India. Is a Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur & a Social Activist. Founder of #MyDigitalGurukul

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Asutosh Jena

Asutosh Jena

Digital Transformation Coach based in India. Is a Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur & a Social Activist. Founder of #MyDigitalGurukul

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